And the foliage is at our disposal to help embroider the limits of our creativity with colors and textures.

When enclosed within the garden, a more secluded area for work or hiding a concrete box or a well, whatever its purpose, the well-chosen foliage is labor-free and remains unchanged for many years, creating continuity — The paths and providing shelter for the birds.

We call foliage the plants that draw more attention for their leaves than for their flowers. They exist in many different forms: trees, shrubs, clumps, hanging plants, and forages. Each with different sizes and shapes, to the customer’s taste – or rather, to your liking.

Foliage likes sunny, full places, but also looks good in narrow, semi-shaded corridors. As this subject will extend beyond this post, I will start talking about those plants that are closest to houses, near walls and fences, and even on semi-shaded balconies, since once you know that without the sun growing vegetables is very small, we can only cultivate beauties in the narrower and shady beds.

For starters, I will choose plants that adapt to both full sun and semi-shade, which pose no risk to the health of animals or children, as there is toxic foliage that has thorns and those that secrete irritants.

In the image above appears the  Schefflera heptaphilla. It is a permanent foliage tree that adapts perfectly to semi-shaded places or indoor pots, as well as full sun, as long as the seedling is suited to it. Already  Syngonium albolineatum,  the picture that opens this text, can be used to cover the ground in areas of undergrowth, where the grass has not enough sun or even to climb on tree trunks or boards of vegetable fiber.

Foliage for every taste and place

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