The difference between growing in pots rather than planting in the soil will be the size of the clods. After all, roots that grow in the earth and grow in pots will be different. And it is the root that anchors the plant, preventing it from being carried by the wind.

Even on apartment balconies, it is widespread to have piped winds that can knock down the vases. For a vessel to be safe from windstorms, frequent during storms on higher floors, it must weigh more than five pounds.

In apartments with large sunny balconies, it is possible to produce some vegetables, but in a limited way, since their fruit production is directly related to the number of hours of sunshine. But if you have a small, well-lit balcony or laundry room, you can think of having your little garden.

Rectangular pots and flowerpots about 20 cm high by approximately 20 cm wide and 1 m long are available on the market, which is suitable for small plants and herbs such as parsley, coriander, oregano, thyme and some flowers, such as eleven o’clock ( Portulaca grandiflora)  and Capuchin ( Nasturtium). The latter – which appears in the image that opens this post -, besides being beautiful in pots, is edible! It is a delight with salads, somewhat reminiscent of the spicy taste of watercress.

These rectangular pots are perfect for plants up to 15 cm high. But if you have space in your apartment and want to grow larger plants, you will need larger pots. There are intermediate options and even deep vessels, which can be 1 m wide by 1 m deep and 1 to 1.5 m high.

Medium-sized pots (about 50 cm wide by 50 cm deep and 60 cm high) are suitable as a base for larger plants such as rosemary, lavender, tomatoes or a perennial flowering plant such as camellia, gardenia or azalea. Finally, a plant that raises the eye can even be a foot of okra, eggplant, pepper, or basil.

Already the most massive pots carry perennial plants, those that last for years, such as fruit trees. Again, if your apartment is very sunny and has at least four hours of sunshine a day, you can have on your balcony a foot of cherry, acerola, Avaya, river gossip, kinked orange ( those miniatures ), clove lemon, Sicilian lemon, passion fruit or papaya. If you only want to grow vegetables, in huge pots you can grow up to corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and okra.

Some essential recommendations: caprice in the earthworm humus and the quality of the land. Potted plants need periodic maintenance. Regularly replenish nutrients and replace seedlings that die in the crop cycle.

Another tip is, when planting, to use a stem to firm the plants in their beds, avoiding the superficial compaction of the soil and the formation of air bubbles inside the pots. The stem wedges the earth around the root put the earth around the clod bit by bit, pushing the rod with the rod into the base. There is no need to tighten too much, but it is important that the plant does not come out of plumb with the first watering or gust.

Once everything is ready, sweep the entire area and remove the dust. Only after your balcony is clean, water abundantly. Repeat watering for one week until plants are redone and new leaves begin. In the following months, watering can be done two to three times a week.

Finally, the choice of where to place the vessels has to be final. Once filled with earth, stones, plants, and water, they become too heavy to move them from side to side. And if not placed on brackets, they can cause stains on the floor or cracking when handled if made of ceramic.

If you need to relocate a large pot or move your apartment and want to take your beloved plant, use an old blanket or rug to drag it around. This will lessen the impact on the floor and the risk of breaking the clod. Always avoid handling the vase by its edge as this is the most fragile part of it. Enjoy your vases well! Soon, they will be blooming and bearing fruit. It is more color and joy to your apartment.

Garden on high as in the Gardens of Babylon

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